Standard Resolution Typical Use
XGA (Extended Graphics Array) 1024x768 15- and 17-inch CRT monitors
15-inch LCD monitors
SXGA (Super XGA) 1280x1024 15- and 17-inch CRT monitors
17-and 19-inch LCD monitors
UXGA (Ultra XGA) 1600x1200 19-, 20-, 21-inch CRT monitors
20-inch LCD monitors
QXGA (Quad XGA) 2048x1536 21-inch and larger CRT monitors
WXGA (Wide XGA) 1280x800 Wide aspect 15.4-inch laptops
LCD displays
WSXGA+ (Wide SXGA plus) 1680x1050 Wide aspect 20-inch LCD monitors
WUXGA (Wide Ultra XGA) 1920x1200 Wide aspect 22-inch and larger LCD monitors